3 Steps to a Free iPhone

Step 1 Sign up – FREE iPhone 4

This simply involves signing up to freebiejeebies and selecting the item you want to receive for free. In this case, the iPhone. At this point it really makes no difference what item you select here as you can change your mind at any point up to ordering.

Have a good read of the terms and conditions and take note of the stringent privacy policy – your personal information is completely safe and secure.

By signing up via this website you will be one of my referrals.

Step 2 Complete an offer

This step is very important as it validates your account.

Go to the Complete an Offer page and choose an offer suitable for you. I always recommend the LOVEFiLM free trial because it’s completely free of charge and you get to watch some great films! There are many other offers though, but be careful because some do cost money, although this is usually limited to £10 or so.

Step 3 Refer others

The most important bit for your FREE iPhone

Navigate your way to the Refer Friends page to find your unique referral link, then give this link to your friends, family, work colleagues, etc. This is the link they need to use to sign up to the freebie website. Once they have signed up and completed their offer they will count as one of your referrals and you’ll be on your way to receiving your free iPhone 4.