Apple to make the iPhone 3G non-exclusive in the UK

Apple to make the iPhone 3G non-exclusive in the UK

Here is some great news if you are either not keen on O2 or just refuse to pay their extortionate iPhone prices – a recent report suggests that Apple is to end its exclusivity deal with O2 this September for the iPhone 3G, meaning you could (legally) have an iPhone on any network.

The report goes on to say that it will only be the older iPhone 3G that is released from O2’s grasp. The most recent model, the iPhone 3G S will still be exclusively O2.

This of course does mean that other network providers will be able to undercut O2’s high pricing strategy and force a reduction in costs for iPhone users – something sources in O2 are apparently furious about.

The networks mentioned in the report as potential iPhone providers are T-Mobile and Orange, however there are also rumours that Vodafone are preparing to take a percentage of the market too, just see the comments here.

The UK is slightly behind much of the rest of the World when it comes to restrictions such as this, for example most of Europe already have multiple carriers for their iPhones, driving the prices down and making owning an iPhone much more accessable.

It is already possible in the UK to own an iPhone 3G which is open to all UK networks, but you have to unlock your iPhone yourself, probably invalidating the warranty. But if yours was a free iPhone 3G, what have you got to lose?

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13 thoughts on “Apple to make the iPhone 3G non-exclusive in the UK

  1. Ste@free iPhone

    This is great news. I wonder what the motivation was though – I think we can safely assume it’s because Apple have already lost the battle in this respect – ie you can already own a 3G on any network. Will the 3GS follow as soon as sombody unlocks it? I’ve sure it will.

  2. Paul Nathan@directory submission

    HuH, I-Phone 3G is excellent, but we do face same carrier problems here in Indian-Subcontinent, Who will be the Carrier ? first At&T was gonna introduce 3G, but since At&T is not present here and if they want they have to invest a huge amount, so i think they will handle it to any other carrier over here.

    Paul Nathan’s last blog post..Manual Directory Submission

  3. Matt

    About time methinks. This has been far too long coming. Being tied into one carrier is just ludicrous with the amount of compeitition on the market.
    Completely agree about the fact that Apple kind of have little choice in this as people are jailbreaking them and moving them onto other networks.

  4. MJ10

    Ditto matt.

    I have new news that the exchange to Orange will be happening in November, as explained on my site.

    Cheers for the post tombsc

  5. MobiStealth

    Its very Good step by Apple Iphone for UK Market. Thanks for sharing this good news. I hope to hear some more good news from your site soon.

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