Black White and Gold. The iPhone 5S.

Black White and Gold. The iPhone 5S.

Black White and Gold. The iPhone 5S.

According to this article, Apple may be introducing a third colour option for its premium iPhone with the release of the iPhone 5S later this year. The latest iPhone colour is rumoured to be less of a ‘blingy gold’ and more of a champagne gold, similar to the already released iPod Mini. Until now, the iPhone has only been available in black or white, or ‘Slate’ and ‘Silver’ if you prefer the official descriptions.

A gold colour iPhone is likely to be popular in Asian countries, where the colour is very popular and represents wealth. Gold is also the biggest aftermarket colour adjustments for existing iPhones.

When the white iPhone was reintroduced, it quickly became a sellout, and we can expect the same response with the latest colour offering, although it is unclear if gold will be available in all countries and on all iPhone deals straight away.

The iPhone 5S is also going to come with iOS7 and all of the enhancements that will bring, but what else?

iPhone 5S rumours so far include a dual flash for better photography and the incorporation of  quad core A7 processors to improve performance and battery life.


Alongside the iPhone 5S, we could also see a budget iPhone become available. Termed the iPhone C (C for cheap, or colour?), supposedly leaked images show an iPhone 5 shaped device but with rounded plastic casing available in numerous colours. Could be a good deal for younger iPhone owners.

iPhone C

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