Fraud on Freebiejeebies and Kudos – ruining the scene

Fraud on Freebiejeebies and Kudos – ruining the scene

Fraud on Freebiejeebies and Kudos – ruining the scene

free iphone cheatsRecent fraudulent activity on freebiejeebies and kudos network is making it harder than ever for legitimate users to get a free iPhone. There has always been fraud for as long as I can recall, but this time it is getting serious and has led to the unfortunate removal of some popular free offers.

Since the decline of the Lovefilm free trial we saw a sharp decline in the number of completed offers – as much as from 10 per day down to as little as 2-3 per week.

Things improved a bit when the Homestead/Intuit free trial came along and enabled freebie hunters to try making a website in return for their offer completion.

Unfortunately, a large number of users (mostly kids) discovered that a bot can be used to open fake accounts with freebiejeebies and kudos and complete offers with Homestead and Intuit using fake Virtual Credit Cards (VCC’s). Initially these fake accounts show up as completed offers so the word spread and this method went viral. Only when the cheats tried to verify their accounts do they discover that the manual verification would fail and they lose their accounts. However, this means a high number of accounts with Homestead and Intuit had to be reversed, leading to a lack of trust due to bad sales leads.

The added amount of work this has caused the freebie site owners has now led to the removal of these great offers, now making it even harder to get referrals to complete an offer.

One source of this fraud is an online web forum called The Botting Network. If you are offered a way of creating fake accounts to get greens for free just beware – these hacks do not work, you will lose your account and any genuine referrals you have gained – meaning you will never get your free iPhone.

There is only one way to get a free iPhone from freebiejeebies and kudos – get them legitimately. Get your friends and family signed up (1 account per household/IP), get a website like this one, or find your own unique method; but never try to cheat the system – it just causes problems for all of us.

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Tom has been writing about the iPhone since 2007 and is well known as an expert in his field with multiple blogs and numerous articles being published on technology and mobile phone websites.

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