Free iPhone 5 Arrived

Free iPhone 5 Arrived

Free iPhone 5 Arrived

So I received my free iPhone 5 last week, courtesy of this free iPhone method and I’ve had a few days to play around with it. apart from really really missing my jailbreak features, I like it.

The 4G network, or LTE, as it appears on the screen is super fast. So far, I’ve managed 22mbps download, and 21mbps upload – and that was during the day in the middle of the city. That’s nearly 3 times faster than my home ADSL2+ network. (the slower results are from the iPhone 4, as the speedtest app is synchronised between the two phones, so both results show up).

iPhone 5 speed

Now, the free iPhone 5 I recieved is wonderful, but it has it’s downsides too. For one thing, battery life seems dire. With moderate usage, I am all out of juice by about 5pm. What makes this more annoying is that Apple were kind enough to provide just one charging cable, and no adapters for my 15 or so old-style cables I have accumulated from various free iPhones and iPods I have received over the last few years.

This single cable is attached to a socket on my bedside table. I don’t really want to unplug it and carry it with me every day, so until I buy a second cable I need to be careful how much I use the iPhone 5.

Also, it gets warm. Not just a bit warm, but the iPhone 5 gets uncomfortably warm. I know a lot of wizardry is happening under the shiny new screen, but it seems to make the iPhone 5 so slim, Apple needed to use the entire casing as a heatsink.

What I like about my free iPhone 5 outweighs the negative points though. The screen is noticably brighter, with richer colours and I now prefer the iPhone 5 display over the Galaxy S3, which I think had an edge over previous iPhones.

The camera is far better, producing better photos and a clearer video display when using Skype.

The headphones, or maybe it’s the audio processing, or both, produce richer, clearer, and more bassey tones than any other iPhone or iPod has managed, and also cut out alot of background noise.

I do miss my jailbreak though. I got used to having SBSettings, BiteSMS, Folder Enhancer, and a few other functions that Apple really should be implementing in the standard iOS. I’ll be frustratingly waiting for the Dev Team to release their iOS6 jailbreak so I can get my free iPhone 5 functioning to my standards. until then, I’m keeping my trusty iPhone 4 running a jailbroken iOS 5.0.1.

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