Freebiejeebies competition winners announced

Freebiejeebies competition winners announced

Freebiejeebies competition winners announced

Freebiejeebies competition

After 26 weeks of freebiejeebies members entering their green referrals into each weekly golden ticket draw, the freebiejeebies cash competition finally came to an end and the winners have been announced.

This year I only had 2 golden tickets, which gave me a total of 2 entries to the main competition draw. Others were lucky enough to have won up to 6 or 7 entries, so they had a far better chance of being drawn than I did, however I wasn’t giving up – especially as the previous competition to win a car from freebiejeebies was won by somebody who had only 1 entry.

If you missed how it worked, here is a quick recap:

Freebiejeebies is a referral based multi level marketing site, that allows its members to get free things, such as a free iPhone in return for referring a certain number of new clients to try a trial offer with one of its partner companies.

For the past two years, freebiejeebies have held an annual competition that runs for about 25 weeks – with a huge prize to the winner. Last year the prize was a brand new car, this year the prize was simple – cold hard cash. There were 3 prizes up for grabs this year, £5000, £2000, and £1000 – a total prize value of £8000.

To win, you had to be drawn from a hat. To get into the hat, you had to enter a weekly draw every week. To enter the weekly draw, you needed to submit the details of the new referrals you had gained that week into the competition page. At the end of each week, 5 winners were drawn. Each weekly winner then had 1 entry to the main draw. Get it? Good.

I’m gutted, because I didn’t win. But a big congratulations to the winners:

First Prize goes to Craig Gourlay from Winchburgh, UK
Second Prize goes to Anthony Kuske from Dover, UK
Third Prize goes to Steve Elliott from Swindon, UK

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