Freebiejeebies Hack – the truth

Freebiejeebies Hack – the truth

Of course we all want to get our free gadgets as quickly as possible from freebiejeebies, so when somebody comes along promising 50 free referrals by using their freebiejeebies hack, lots of people willingly sign up thinking they can cheat the system and get their free iPhone or whatever else they like, without having to get themselves any legitimate referrals.

I found an excellent article that explains why the freebiejeebies hack is a hoax and why it should be avoided at all costs.

You see, there is no such thing as a hack for freebiejeebies or a freebiejeebies referral generator. Sorry to disappoint you, but if there were such a hack, I’m certain freebiejeebies would know about it and have shut it down years ago. The business model they operate under, affiliate marketing, is a tough one. In their three years of operating, freebiejeebies have given away £1 Million worth of free gadgets such as free iPhones – and I’m sure they have made a pretty decent profit, certainly enough to be able to run great comps such as the latest freebiejeebies cash competition. However, they are not turning over such a great income that they could afford to let people cheat the system and get referrals for free.

The freebiejeebies hack or referral generator hoax was originally thought up by somebody who had signed up to freebiejeebies and struggled to get referrals, let’s call that person ‘Fred’. Fred realised that if he could make people believe they would get 50 free referrals by using Fred’s own referral link, he could encourage hundreds of others to sign up as his referrals, making him rich.  Others soon realised that tricking people into signing up in this way coul be quite lucrative, so they also jumped on the bandwagon, and now if you search the internet for ‘freebiejeebies hack’, you will see numerous youtube videos and websites dedicated to attempting to trick people to signing up using a hacked link.

The consequences of the freebiejeebies hack

So, what happens if you sign up using a ‘hacked link’? Well, the answer is…..nothing. All you are really doing is signing up using somebodies referral link – exactly the same as if you used mine. You sign up a new account and you will never see your free referrals. Never ever, sorry.

However, there are severe consequences for the person who tricked you. You see, freebiejeebies have very strict verification methods that enable them to see exactly how people are getting referrals. As soon as you click the button to verify your account and claim your iPhone or whatever, the freebiejeebies people start working behind the scenes, checking everything about your account. This process is so detailed that it takes about a week. In that time the source of your referrals is checked, so as soon as freebieejeebies see that you are tricking people into signing up……your account will be closed down permanently and you will get nothing.

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