Getting a Good iPhone 4s Deal

Getting a Good iPhone 4s Deal

Getting a Good iPhone 4s Deal

iphone 4s upgradeNow the initial iPhone 4s frenzy is dying down, if you haven’t already found a good iPhone deal you will probably be one of the thousands of people sitting on fence trying to figure out if the upgrade is worth it.

So, what are the options?

1. Sell your iPhone 4 on eBay, and pay off your current contract so you can take a new iPhone 4S deal.

This is actually a pretty good option. If you have 12 months or less left on your iPhone contract, you could pay it off for around £500. Coincidentally, iPhone 4’s are selling on eBay for around £500, so you shouldn’t lose anything. You’re likely to get even more if you can jailbreak your iPhone first, unlock it, and add a heap of premium Apps such as tomtom before selling it. All that’s left is to choose your preferred iPhone 4S deal and wait for it to arrive.


2. Trade in

Some places in the US are offering a $200 trade in for your iPhone 4. Sounfods bad until you find out that this will cover the cost of your upgrade to an iPhone 4S. A sweet deal for our American friends. This iPhone 4S deal is available exclusively from Target via Nextworth. Check it out if you are that side of the big wet.


3. Get a free iPhone 4S

Of course, that’s why this website was born! Check out our homepage to find out how you can get a free iPhone4S from freebiejeebies in return for completing a free trial with one of their advertising partners, and referring some friends to do the same. Easy as pie. The free iPhone will be sent to you direct from Apple, no matter where in the World you live (a few Countries are disallowed due to fraudulent activity), and will be unlocked and SIM free so you can put any SIM card in the little slab of fun.


4. Wait for the iPhone 5

That’s what I’m going to do 😉


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