iOS 7 ‘Borrows’ Jailbreak tweaks

iOS 7 ‘Borrows’ Jailbreak tweaks

Apple have just announced iOS 7, and wow, didn’t they do well! After years of the same nasty skeuomorphic design, the iPhone will finally be rid of this primary school level patchiness and will gain a nice, almost flat look.

Personally, I’ve always disliked the denim, stitched leather, and woodgrain effect menu bars with their ironed on 3D buttons. It just looked, well, cheap I guess.

So, lets take a look at what iOS 7 has to offer. And yes, I’m fickle so I’m starting with how it looks.


iOS 7

Looks good right? The first thing you notice is the full use of screen. No more borders, no task bar overlaid on the screen. The design is flatter, but not flat. The use of colour is far more grown up than on all previous iOs versions.

Hang on, now would probably be a good time to look at what iOS 7 offers as well as it sexy new looks. Check out the first screen shot above. Here, the user has swiped upwards on the screen to access a quick menu. I can see settings controls, iPod controls and a quick launch bar. This functionality is the number one reason I have a jailbroken iPhone, so well done Apple on finally adding this core and essential function to the standard iOS.

The second screenshot shows the improved notification centre. Not something I ever use, so let’s not dwell here. Screenshot #3 is a new way of displaying the multitasking bar. I say a new way, but it’s something I’ve had for a while now on my jailbroken iPhone 5.

So, what else will we be seeing on our iPhone 5 later this year? Well, if you have Mailbox, you’ll notice Apple have borrowed a few ideas and bundled then into the new Mail App. I have several Gmail accounts so I use the Gmail App for my emails, meaning I don’t give a flying fart about this, so long as I can still poof away the Apple Mail App and put my Gmail App on the taskbar.

A back button – To be honest, not sure what use this is. If anyone wants to get in touch with how they would use the back button, please let me know. I use a jailbreak App to swipe between Apps, if that’s what this is meant for??

iRadio looks pretty good. It also looks like Pandora.

Whatever, well done Apple for not giving a shit and blatently ripping off others’ ideas to make the iPhone 5 onwards (most of iOS 7 won’t be available to older iPhones) a huge leap forward. It was a bit overdue.

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One thought on “iOS 7 ‘Borrows’ Jailbreak tweaks

  1. Carlos cot.

    Hello Tom,

    Great features even was borrowed from jailbreak,
    Now we are waiting for the jailbreak of IOS7.

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