iOS5 hidden tricks and tips

iOS5 hidden tricks and tips

Since iOS5 was released this week, iPhone users have been discovering some great iOS5 tricks and tips that aren’t necessarily in the manual. Apple tell us there are more than 200 new features in iOS5 and I kind of like the way they don’t tell us what they all are. Here is a selection of the top iOS5 tips I’ve come across so far:


  • Remove keyboard from Messages
    When the keyboard is visable making it hard to see the whole text message simply swipe the message down and the keyboard is hidden. And swipe up to reveal!
  • Notifications
    Swipe down from the top to view notifications. See emails, Facebook messages, Texts… anything that notifies you!
  • Reminders
    A great addition to the iPhone. Set it to remind you at a certain time OR at a certain location! So if you need to do something at work just set the location and it will remind you when you get there.
  • Keyboard shortcuts
    Found in Settings>General>Keyboard – Add a text shortcut. For example I have set up “@@” to fill out my full email address.
  • Remove notification widgets
    Who really wants to see the latest Stocks? Turn them off at Settings>Notifcations – Add apps/widgets or remove them.
  • Customise “Vibrations”
    Choose from 5 different vibration rhythms or customise one. Found at Settings>Sounds>Vibration – you’ll need to turn on custom vibrations first at Settings>General>Accessibility
  • Customise Touch Controls
    Edit the touch controls at Settings>General>Accessibility to whatever you want them to be.
  • LED flash for Alerts
    Again at Settings>General>Accessibility you can turn on the LED flash for Alerts.
  • iTunes Wi-Fi Sync
    Wirelessly sync you iPhone with iTunes at Settings>General>iTunes Wi-Fi Sync
  • “Tones”
    Finally you can edit tones! There’s even a “Tone Store” via the iTunes Music app. Edit the tones at Settings>Sounds
  • Microsoft Exchange email
    Add your outlook exchange account via the Mail option in Settings
  • iCloud
    Configure the iCloud, what you can access or sync and what you can’t at Settings>iCloud – You can even set up an @me email address (bare in mind once it’s set you can’t change it. I made that mistake!)
  • Twitter
    Add 1 or more Twitter accounts enabling you to tweet anything from your phone. Sign in via Settings>Twitter then give it try! I tweeted a picture by just going to the photo, clicking the arrow and choose “tweet”.
  • Camera from Lock Screen
    When in the lock screen double tap the home button (as you would to play music) and click the photo icon. It even seems to load faster!
  • Quick Camera Click
    Instead of trying to hold your phone steady while you tap the photo icon to take a photo, you can simply click the + volume button to take the photo.
  • Quick Camera Click 2
    Instead of trying to hold your phone steady while you tap the photo icon to take a photo, you can simply click the + volume button on your iPhone headphones to take the photo!
  • Keyboard split (iPad ONLY)
    When typing a message on an iPad, put two thumbs on the keyboard and pull apart. The keyboard will split making it slightly easier to hold the device and type with the thumbs.
  • Emoji Keyboard
    You can now use emoticons without installing a 3rd party app.
  • Calendar Week View
    By rotating your device onto its side you can view the calendars week view, then tip it upright to return to your normal view.
  • iPad Gestures
    Because the iPad has a much larger screen, Apple has included more gesture options for it. Apple added a few moves and shortcuts: using four or five fingers, swipe up to reveal the multitasking bar, pinch to return to the Home screen and swipe left or right to switch between apps.
  • Alternate Map Routes
    After entering direction, the app displays alternate routes. Pick one by tapping on the route name and tap the Start button to go.
  • Built in Dictionary
    Apple added a built-in dictionary to iOS 5. To use it, tap and hold to select a word (anywhere this is possible) and tap ‘Define’ and the dictionary slides up. It looks great and works wonderfully. It’s smart too, it will only show ‘Define’ when a word that can be defined is selected, so proper names and unrecognized words do not apply.
  • Hide NewsStand in a folder!
    For those that like and use the NewStand, ignore this! For those that want it out of the way, follow this little trick (speed is of the essence): line up 2 apps next to the NewStand. Drag one app onto the other as you would when creating a folder. Then as the folder-creating-animation happens QUICKLY drag the NewStand into the folder. See the spoiler for proof!
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