iPad Mini Confirmed

iPad Mini Confirmed

iPad Mini Confirmed

Apple has sent out invitations to an October 23rd event, promising ‘a little more to show you’.

With all of the recent rumours and leaked images, I think we can safely assume this will be the iPad mini announcement. What is it with apple and their leaks this year? I kind of preferred the surprised we used to get from Apple so I hope they tighten up their security or stop their planned leaks, whatever it is that’s happening.

Enough of that, let’s take a closer look at the invite:

 iPad Mini


Firstly, the tagline. This makes it quite clear that something smaller than we are used to is going to be the subject of the announcement. The iPhone just got bigger, so a smaller version is unlikely. The iPad is competing with smaller versions from other manufacturers, so a smaller iPad would help apple in that niche. An iPad Mini seems most likely.


Next, the size of the invite. The ratio is reflective of a tablet screen, and I’d bet the invite size is the exact screen size we will be seeing in the new iPad Mini.


Finally, the splashes of colour. As with the new iPod Touch colour variants available, it looks as though the iPad Mini will come in a range of funky colours.


The device itself is likely to be very similar to the latest iPad model, just smaller.


If leaked images are correct, we will be seeing dual cameras and a smaller battery, but given the smaller screen size battery life should be similar to full size iPads.



The screen will be retina, no matter what anybody says. It would be lunacy for Apple to release an iPad Mini without a retina display, so any talk of screen ratios that wouldn’t support full retina display are bullshit.


The Chip. C’mon people A6 is the way forward. Again, why would the iPad Mini have a lower spec chip than an iPhone, that was released before it? No, it will be A6, but probably only a single.


Prices will be absurdly high in theUK, Europe and Australia, and ridiculously cheap in theUS. As usual.


Release date is likely to be early November to ensure a high demand leading up to Christmas.

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