iPhone 4 Free as Stocks are Cleared for iPhone 5

iPhone 4 Free as Stocks are Cleared for iPhone 5

iPhone 4 Free as Stocks are Cleared for iPhone 5

iphone 5In a sure sign that the iPhone 5 launch date is imminent, three mobile are clearing their stocks of the iPhone 4 with some amazing iPhone deals. For the first time ever the iPhone 4 is free on a £40/month deal. This is the best value iPhone deal to be found with unlimited data, 5000 texts and 7000 minutes included every month. The ever elusive white iPhone 4 is included in this deal and there is plenty of stock for all you bargain hunters.


We have already been subjected to Apples genius marketing ploy, it worked so well last time that they have done the same thing again and we, and the press, have fallen for it yet again. How it’s possible to leave a ‘prototype’ phone in a bar that is worth thousands of dollars and at least one employee’s head is so inconceivable that it is obviously a stunt. Not that we care, we just want a sneak peek at what the iPhone 5 will look like.

Here’s what we already know about the iPhone 5:




That’s right. Nothing.

We can assume that to compete with Android the iPhone 5 will need a larger screen. It will need to be thinner. It will need better battery life. And it will need to take ideas from the jailbreak scene, which has really showcased what the iPhone is capable of, way before Apple managed to impress us.

That’s all for today folks.

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