iPhone 5 on 4th October – unless Samsung get a win

iPhone 5 on 4th October – unless Samsung get a win

iPhone 5 on 4th October – unless Samsung get a win

iphone 5So it looks like the iPhone 5 will be announced on 4th October 2011. Apple have called a press conference and started to invite a number of high profile press to the event. freeiphone4me.co.uk has also been contacted by a very big iPhone supplier asking for us to advertise their iPhone 5 preorders, so unless they are jumping the gun we can pretty much confirm this will be the iPhone 5 as opposed to the iPhone 4G or any other possible name (we refused!).


If the iPhone 5 announcement does come on the 4th October, we predict the release date will be within 14 days of the announcement which means that our friends in the US of A will be getting their hands on the iPhone 5 towards the end of October. In the UK, stocks will obviously be low to enhance demand, so don’t be expecting availability until mid November. In Australia? Unlucky for you, as it’s unlikely you will will see an iPhone 5 this side of Christmas unless you are among the first to Preorder.

Our latest iPhone 4 actually came to Australia via the UK as stocks were so low here that providers were diverting their European stocks to meet demand.

So, all the anticipation, all the rumours and all the wishful will soon be focussed on the iPhone 6 as all will be revealed on 4th October!

In terms of price and deals, as soon as we get the nod from 3 mobile UK we’ll be offering preorders and as always, we’ll have the very best iPhone 5 deals available anywhere. Watch this space.

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