iPhone 5 Rumours and Specs

iPhone 5 Rumours and Specs

iPhone 5 Rumours and Specs

iPhone 5The iPhone 5 will be announced by Apple this June following tradition. It won’t be available until 30 days later in the US, and another 30 days everywhere else.

We still don’t know if it will be labled the iPhone 5, or the iPhone 4(something). All the pointers are leading us the believe this release will be an evolution of the iPhone, not an innovation.

After the problems with the iPhone 4, it is most likely that changes will be cosmetic (changing the antenna design, and the rear casing), with a few added bonuses such as a better camera.

The mock up above shows the iPhone 4 at the front, with the old casing on the rear – I’m not 100% on this, but would bet my pet fish that the back will remain flat but won’t be made of glass – metal or plastic gets my bet.

The new iPhone 5 will have a stronger resemblence to the iPad and the touch screen may even be edge to edge – something that should have been there since the inception of the iPhone.

The iPhone 5 will also get bigger on the inside, with upto 64Gb capacity for storage. Further technical improvements for this iPhone may include an upgraded processor – the iPad now uses the A5, and there is no reason why Apple wouldn’t slap at least one of those in the iPhone as well.

What else? Well, I can’t help thinking that the OS will see some updates – mostly stolen/borrowed/inspired by the popular jailbreak community such as a better lockscreen, better folders for apps, a customisable look, using ‘themes’ for different icons etc, much like on my iPhone.

The cost of the iPhone 5 will be the same as the current iPhone.

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