iPhone 5 Specs – Smaller, but Bigger, and Curvy

iPhone 5 Specs – Smaller, but Bigger, and Curvy

iPhone 5 Specs – Smaller, but Bigger, and Curvy

iPhone 5The rumor mill is spinning off the charts at the moment as we are guessing what the iPhone 5 will look like and when it will be released.

So far we are hearing the iPhone 5 will be released in November 2011, in time for the Christmas rush so hopefully the usual lack of stock won’t be a problem this time around.

So, onto the iPhone 5 specifications. The latest thoughts, driven by the recent procurement of 200-300 glass cutting machines is that the iPhone 5 will have a curved glass front. Now this is quite special. No other smartphone has ever attempted to use a curved front made of glass due to the massive cost in manufacturing this design.

We are also being led to believe that the iPhone 5 will be smaller than the current design, but the touchscreen will be larger – utilising the whole front surface of the phone with no wasted space.

There will be only one iPhone 5, not two versions as we have with the iPhone 4. The baseband chip will work on CDA and GSM networks, and of course there will be at least one A5 chip so speeds will be massively improved.

The technological advances in the iPhone 5 are so great that the OS to be released alongside it will not be available for the iPhone 3GS, it is simply too powerful.

I’m really looking forward to getting my free iPhone 5, and I’m sure you will be too.

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One thought on “iPhone 5 Specs – Smaller, but Bigger, and Curvy

  1. Billig iPhone

    Cant wait for the new iPhone. I am just a little worried about the larger touch screen. It doesnt seem to look cool I am affraid…

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