iPhone 5 worth waiting for

iPhone 5 worth waiting for

iPhone 5 worth waiting for

iPhone 5?If we are to believe Foxconn and their claim to have information from Apple on the next iPhone already, then the iPhone 5 will blow the Samsung Galaxy S3 away.

Foxconn CEO Tony Gou apparently made the following statement during their annual shareholders meeting “I urge consumers to wait for the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5, the new model will put Samsung’s Galaxy SIII to shame. “

We know all about the Galaxy, it certainly looks great – much better than the iPhone 4, and it also performs very well, with a few features that make it a bit more user friendly than the iPhone. The Galaxy S3 is an improvement over any other Android Smartphone, but it is the software that gives it the edge over the iPhone.

If Apple can (and they generally do) produce an iPhone 5 with great hardware, then I think apple will once again be the producers of the greatest Smartphone as their iOS is a superb foundation, and still the preferred development platform for third party applications.

Android seem to get the edge form users that prefer ‘open source’ and dislike Apple’s locked down iOS, but, let’s be 100% honest here, a jailbroken iPhone allows far more flexibility than a standard Android phone, which also needs to be rooted to unleash it’s full potential.

With an anticipated released date of late 2012, I’m waiting for the iPhone 5.

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