iPhone 6 – thinner, longer, wider, stronger

iPhone 6 – thinner, longer, wider, stronger

iPhone 6 – thinner, longer, wider, stronger

Quality, size, weight, and unique design.
These are the top traits iPhone 6 buyers are hoping for. Apple haven’t drastically overhauled the iPhone since its inception. Sure, the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4 was a more than subtle design update, and the iPhone 5 got a bit longer and much lighter – but there’s been nothing spectacular, no major redesign, and as much as iPhone owners might pretend to disagree; the Galaxy S4 makes the latest iPhone look like a 1980’s Nokia (were Nokia around in the ’80’s?). Whatever.

So, the iPhone 6. Apple have an opportunity now to reinvent the phone again. With the increased competition and market share from Samsung especially, the iPhone 6 NEEDS to be a major redesign from previous versions. Apple need to break the mould again. Be bold, be future focused, and be unique.

Here’s a look at a couple of nice iPhone 6 concepts. They are a bit too similar to the S4 for my liking, but the bigger, higher definition screen, thinner design, and less frame are definitely what is needed.


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2 thoughts on “iPhone 6 – thinner, longer, wider, stronger

  1. Man And Van Bromley

    iPhone 6, in my opinion it will be available in 2014. This year we will get ihpne 5S release as usual. There are many blogs saying about the release of Iphone6, but if we look at the trends in the past, iPhone 5S is on its way.

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