iSpy for your iPhone – An awesomely unknown app

iSpy for your iPhone – An awesomely unknown app

iSpy for your iPhone – An awesomely unknown app

SpyThis! is iSpy for your iPhoneDo you remember playing iSpy when you were young? Or maybe you still play it now with your own children?

This iPhone app has been around for a couple of years now and, although in need of a refresh, it remains a brilliantly underrated game.

SpyThis! is a word/puzzle game for the iPhone that you can play with any of your Facebook friends, or indeed any other player in the world through a great (if slightly risque) ‘random player’ feature (make sure you turn this feature on in the app settings – it makes the app so much more fun!).

Here’s a quick review of how it works:

  1. Take a picture or load a picture on your iPhone
  2. Select a small part of the picture
  3. Type in the name of what you ‘spy’
  4. Select a friend or a random to play with
  5. Send the game

On receiving a new game, the recipient gets the picture and the word with only the first letter visible ‘I spy with my little eye, something beginning with X’, and a bunch of random letters to choose from – anagram style. The recipient then has to guess the work, and find the target on the picture to win the game. Winning the game gives the player a few virtual coins that can be used in future games to get clues.

I can see so many uses for this game from playing a traditional game of iSpy through to messing around with your mates and even rolling the dice and starting some challenges with random players to see what games you get back.

I’d like to see a few improvements to the game such as a time limit to play each game, a limited number of guesses before the game is lost and maybe even a single player mode that takes other peoples games and lets you just play on your own to waste some time.


Check it out and see what you think at!/id583729442?mt=8




SpyThis! is iSpy for your iPhone

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