Preorder a White iPhone 4 Here

Preorder a White iPhone 4 Here


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It would appear that the mystical white iPhone 4 is very close, and will perhaps be released before the end of the Northern Hemisphere Spring – so the end of March.

The white iPhone 4 was always supposed to be released soon after the standard black version, but issues with the lighter paint allowing light to leach through the casing and interfere with the camera has apparently been the cause of the delay.

No matter when the release date will come, a white iPhone 4 can be preordered now from our homepage for free.

Apple have never given a concrete reason for the lack of a white iPhone 4, nor have they ever really confirmed a release date. So now I have a question for you: if you were about to buy an iPhone 4 in the next few months, would you (a) Snap up the white iPhone 4 in March (although as we all know, unless you live in the US, stock levels and staggered release dates means you won’t really get your hands on it for 6 weeks after the release date), or (b) wait until June when the refreshed ‘iPhone 5’ will be released (and again wait 6 weeks or so to actually get hold of the thing!).

What logically follows is the thought that, if I were an Apple person responsible for R&D, I would have hopefully thought of this dilemma months ago and, being a good project manager, killed the idea of a white iPhone 4 dead.

I’m not a betting man, but I’d put a few bucks on the iPhone 4 as we know it never having a white version. The iPhone 5 or whatever name it gets will be a refreshed iPhone 4, and available in black or white from June 2011.

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3 thoughts on “Preorder a White iPhone 4 Here

  1. Tristan Thomas

    I have news for you guys. Apple created the “idea” of a white iPhone in order to take control of the media.

    In an interview exclusive with Steve Jobs he goes on to say …” Apple makes such amazing products and we get the press whipped up so well, we can announce a product that we have absolutely no intention to ever make…”

    Its all about marketing. You can watch the interview here:

  2. Jo Carmichael

    Thanks for writing about this. I have an iPhone store/site and get emails about where the white iPhone 4 is all of the time. Good to know they’re on the way.

    I think the fact that Apple have a white iPad2 means they have sorted all of the issues out…hopefully.

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