Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the latest flagship model from Apple’s only real rival.

In terms of cost, Galaxy S3 deals are pretty similar to iPhone deals.

The Galaxy S3 benefits from a 4.8inch Super AMOLED HD Screen, a Samsung Exynos Quad-core processor, a stunning 8MP Camera and a ton of other features. Similar to the iPhone, the S3 also comes in a choice of two colours, with marble white or pebble blue options available.


Samsung Galaxy S3 Review


The Samsung Galaxy S3 is beautifully designed with a huge screen, bright display and a super slim profile. The back is removable, and reveals the battery compartment and the SIM card slot, as well as a Micro-SD card slot. The addition of expandable memory gives the Samsung a massive advantage over the iPhone, for which you need to pay a large premium for a larger capacity model. A single button on the front, along with a volume rocker on the side and a power button completes the minimalistic and sleek look that we seem to want from our phones.

Design Score: 9/10

Phone and SMS

As a phone, the Galaxy S3 excels. Call quality and clarity is crystal, and our tests revealed an improvement over the iPhone. The speaker is loud and clear, and active noise cancellation is achieved through a dedicated microscope. You will never struggle to hear your friend with this phone. On loudspeaker, again, clarity is second to none – which of course improves the experience of Skype and other conference calls. Sending SMS messages is simple and efficient. The autocorrect goes a step further by guessing words, and responds to your own inputs, learning as it goes. Typing gets even easier on the Samsung Galaxy S3 as it utilises the swipey text entering feature where you simply swipe your finger over the letters instead of typing each one. This works great and is surprisingly accurate.

Phone and SMS Score: 10/10


This screen is so good it deserves it’s own category. The 4.8inch Super AMOLED HD screen has 720×1280 pixels with a pixel density of 306ppi and 16million colours. If that’s confused you, don’t worry. In English that means it’s awesome. Watching movies on this screen provides better clarity than you will get on a TV. It’s bright too. Out of the box, the brightness is quite low, but turn it up and you can use it to light a room. The colours are amazing, far crisper and brighter than any other phone can offer.

Screen Score: 10/10


The first point to make is that Samsung devices are not restricted by software requirements in the same way the iPhone needs iTunes. Nope, plug the Samsung S3 into a computer and it will act as an external drive so you can drag and drop any files in whatever format you like. In terms of handing files, the S3 can play pretty much any video format. Out of the box, it is MP4/DivX/XviD/WMV/H.264/H.263 ready, but any other video format can be played by downloading a media program. Video playback on the fantastic screen is amazing. It will blow your mind and provides a massive benchmark for other phone manufacturers. For audio, again there are no restrictions. You can play P3/WAV/eAAC+/AC3/FLAC files to your heart’s content. Sound quality is fine, although the addition of a set of Beats headphones will make that experience much better. Oh, and Beats headphones come for free on a number of Samsung Galaxy S3 deals. The player interface itself is simple and intuitive. It isn’t as advanced as iTunes, but it does the job perfectly well.

Multimedia Score: 8/10


The S3 features an 8MP camera with zero lag. I don’t know what that means. But I do know that the photographs taken by this camera are better than what I can manage on the iPhone. The quality is amazing, making the Galaxy S3 camera suitable for more than just happy snaps for Facebook. You can increase the size of these photos, print them out and frame them. The camera also doubles as a video camera with full 1080p video recording at 30fps. I don’t know what that means either. The video recording is sufficient, but probably won’t win you any short film awards.

Camera Score: 8/10

Operating System

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is an Android phone. Android is a fully customisable operating system that allows users to do practically anything to their phone, including changing the fonts, camera software, icon appearance etc etc. Navigation is via seven screens that can be accessed using swipe gestures. The interface is a bit different to other smartphones and takes a bit of getting used to. And if you don’t like how the menu is laid out, of course you can simply change it. Android versions are updated fairly regularly, but in the past older devices have been incompatible with the newest Android interfaces which has left some users bit annoyed. Especially when their older device is less than a year old…

Operating System Score: 5/10


The Samsung Galaxy S3 is probably the only rival to the iPhone. In may areas, it excels, including: Replaceable battery Expandable storage Screen size/quality Media compatibility But in other areas, I feel it could do better. Improvements to the interface would be well received for a start. Media handling is OK, but when you access music or videos it feels a bit like there is something missing, like it needs a more integrated audio player for example. Overall though, the S3 has an extremely fast core that enables it to run anything you throw at it with no problem. The battery life is easily good enough to last all day through relatively heavy use, and if you do run it down, you can whack on a spare. The screen is tough. Made of gorilla glass it is very hard to scratch this handset so you can throw it around without worry. Technically, the S3 is the most advanced smartphone available today. We highly recommend it and give it an overall score of:


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