The Giveaway Network

The Giveaway Network

The Giveaway Network – once the preferred and most trusted freebie site on the net – appears to have gone downhill fast in recent months. As the UK’s original freebie network, the Giveaway Network has given away nearly £500,000 worth of free items to its customers (about £1000 of that was to me!). Free items available from the Giveaway Network include free iPods, free PS3s, free iPhones, free Wiis – in fact, almost anything available on the web could be gotten for free just by signing up, completing an (often free) offer, and refer a few mates to do the same.  For full details on how to receive free stuff see my iPhone page.

For a long time, the GA network really had little or no competition. Many smaller freebie sites sprang up, and quickly went away again as they just couldn’t keep up. But not so long ago, a couple of new sites started up that could match the great service we were used to from GA – namely freebiejeebies and kudos. Now GA had some real competition, which was great news for us freebie hunters as competition always means better deals for us!

For a while all was well. Then around December 2008/Jan 2009, GA stopped updating their site. LoveFilm pendings are still pending, and free items have not been sent out as regularly as they used to be.  So what has gone wrong, and will they recover?

GA’s parent company, Fusion Media, also run – one of these auction sites where the lowest unique bid wins, and that stopped operating around the same time as the GA sites. I spent some time on thereversebid as I used it as one of my GA offers to get a free iPhone. Strangely there didn’t seem to be many users (I recall seeing £200 of Amazon vouchers go for 1p to a single bidder) and the site appeared to be making a loss on most auctions.

All of the GA sites are still operating and accepting new customers, so I do have faith that they will soon sort out their issues and get back to being one of the top freebie sites in the UK  (and I’ll finally get my free iPhone). But for now, I’ll leave it up to you all to decide which freebie company you use to get your free gadgets. I’ll be sticking with this free iPhone site.

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