The top 5 internet radio apps for the iPhone

The top 5 internet radio apps for the iPhone

The top 5 internet radio apps for the iPhone

iPhone 4There are few matches in technology as perfect as the iPhone and music apps. This combination has come to revolutionize the music industry as it has taken all the best parts of the radio and updated them for use in the 21st century. This also means that thousands of developers have flooded the app store with tens of thousands of music apps. Here is a quick reference to the top 5 Internet radio stations for every type of listener.

1. Boombox

The days of the iconic boombox have come and gone, but is now offering a little piece of history to iPhone owners. This online radio company has released their mobile app, Boombox, with a handful of useful features. Users can create one playlist at a time, search for music, and instantly purchase the songs that they enjoy with a single tap. The paid version allows subscribers to access their account via their iPhone.

2. iRadioSuite

iRadioSuite has somehow managed to remain a completely free app with a few amazing
features, and all of it is without ads. This app offers subscribers an interface to search and
play music, but it was ultimately created for the multi-tasker. Users can pause and rewind
the playlist as much as 10 minutes to catch up on any missed songs. It will also raise and
lower the volume according to if calls are being made, text messages are being written, or the
Internet is being surfed.

3. Stitcher

When it comes to listening to podcasts on the go, Stitcher is the premier app for the job.
Stitcher has relentlessly searched through the web and compiled a list of the most popular and
exciting podcasts available. This app goes above and beyond the basics of NPR, CNN, Fox,
and ESPN to include local favourites, science podcasts, and even international hits. Users are
definitely going to need a cheap Internet provider as this app will keep them glued to their
iPhone for hours.

4. FineTune

On some days, music lovers want to hear something fresh and new, and that is why FineTune
was created. The first step of this app is to subscribe to the company online. Once this has
been done, subscribers may pick and chose some of their favourite artists or songs to create
custom stations from. FineTune will then fill the station with similar music to the selections
made. This is the perfect way to discover new hits without wading through hours of bland

5. CBS Radio

CBS Radio is the final word on variety and an overwhelming amount of content. This well-
organized app combines all of the stations on AOL Radio and Yahoo! Music as well as
hundreds of local sports, news, and music stations from around the country. It includes a
handful of helpful features such as creating a favourite list of stations, sharing music with
friends, and the ability to skip six songs per hour.

Article written by Spencer Hogg from the Broadband Expert website where cheap internet
providers can be found.

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