ThinSkins Review & Giveaway

ThinSkins Review & Giveaway

ThinSkins Review & Giveaway

If you, like most of us, like the design of the iPhone 4, you may not want to use a full on iPhone case to get around the antenna issues that have affected this model. If that sounds like you, then this may well be the solution you have been looking for.

The nice people at TruePower have been kind enough to provide us with three iPhone ThinSkins to review and then giveaway to three lucky readers.


iPhone ThinSkins


These ThinSkins are coloured films for the edges and rear of your iPhone 4 and provide great and robust protection from scratches and light knocks whilst remedying the antenna issue.

We received three packs of ThinSkins in Black, White, and Carbon Fiber, but there are a wide variety of colors including fluorescent, metallic, glossy and matte finishes to give your iPhone a unique look that is personal to you.

Immediately noticeable is the quality of these skins, they are tough yet flexible, and within about 2 minutes we had managed to fit the precision cut films to our iPhone 4. Even after sliding the iPhone around on a concrete surface the film managed to stay in great shape and did a perfect job of protecting the glass of the iPhone’s rear.

Compare these ThinSkins to the iPhone Bumper and the difference is obvious – the iPhone remains slim and stylish with the ThinSkins, and chunky and rounded with the Bumper. Whilst the Bumper will provide more protection in the event of a drop, it fails to protect the rear of the iPhone from everyday scratches.

ThinSkins come in packs with enough film to replace the edges a couple of times, although there is only a single rear film included per pack so if we would suggest one improvement this would be it.

Available to purchase from TruePower at $19.95 per pack, ThinSkins are a very inexpensive way to improve and protect your iPhone. If you buy a couple of packs, it is very simple to remove the films with no residue left behind and switch to a different colour to refresh the look of your iPhone 4.

Here’s our efforts after just 2 minutes, with a bit more care and attention we’re certain you could do a better job!

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ThinSkins Giveaway

To get your hands on a set of ThinSkins for your iPhone 4 all you have to do is this:


1. Follow us on Twitter and tweet this “I want to win a ThinSkin from”


2. Like us on Facebook (Like button above and below this post)


3. Leave a comment below saying what you like the best about ThinSkins.

Entries will close on Sat 6th August.


Please note the Black ThinSkins have been partially used in this review. The third place (unless requested) will win the remains of this pack which is still enough to use, you’ll just have less spare films.

Tom has been writing about the iPhone since 2007 and is well known as an expert in his field with multiple blogs and numerous articles being published on technology and mobile phone websites.

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9 thoughts on “ThinSkins Review & Giveaway

  1. Aaron

    I’ve just tweeted (#freeipadonline). The thing I like most about the thinskin is that it does the same job as apple’s very own bumpers but without making the iphone big and bulky.

    The thinskins also don’t look as if they will make getting the iphone in and out of your pocket a headache like apple’s bumpers did.


  2. John

    I think the main thing is that the iPhone 4 has been designed to fit into a hand perfectly, but as soon as you add a case it suddenly becomes bulky and uncomfortable (and you can’t reach all the letters on the keyboard!) but the ThinSkin really looks like it won’t impact at all. As above it won’t cause you to turn your pocket inside out, it won’t easily fall off, it won’t slide around and it won’t take up any unessesary hand space!

    Thanks for the competition!

  3. Jacob

    I like the thinskins because theyre an alternative to the apple bumper. They also look pretty awesome and are simple to put on 🙂


  4. K A

    ThinSkins give your iPhone 4 it’s own unique look. Simple customisation, easy to put on and they look great!

  5. Jordan Smith

    What i like about the thinskins is that they firstly protect your iPhone well but secondly they do not have a major bulk like many other cases and protectors you can get for your iPhone.
    They also purely look great 🙂


  6. John

    Massive thanks for the competition Tom. Really happy to be one of the winners!

    (Are you going to do a winners post?!)


  7. admin Post author

    No problem John, I’ll be notifying the other winners then I’ll do a winners post.

    P.S – sent yours today by airmail so you should receive it in about a week!

  8. admin Post author

    …and the winners of the iPhone 4 ThinSkins Givaway are:
    1. John
    2. Aaron
    3. KA

    Well done winners. Once I know who wants what colour (first prize already claimed), I’ll make a winners blog post.

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