Top 5 Retro Games to get on your iPhone

Top 5 Retro Games to get on your iPhone

Top 5 Retro Games to get on your iPhone

Some software developers have flooded the App Store with uninspired games that simply aren’t worth your time or your hard-earned money, even if it is just a few Dollars, Euros or Pounds. So perusing the App Store to pick out a new game has become a bit of nightmare. Not only is there an overwhelming selection to contend with, but you really run the risk of making a poor purchase if you’re not careful. Fortunately, there is another option: retro gaming.

The great thing about retro is that it never goes out of style. It’s not as if yesteryear’s flops are still hanging around these virtual shelves. Retro games are games that have stood the test of time, and they manage to continue entertaining gamers even though graphics and other qualities are not quite up to modern standards. In order to help you get started with a retro- gaming experience on your iPhone, we’ve compiled this list of the top five retro games.

5. Dragon’s Lair & Space Ace – Digital Leisure/Electronic Arts

dragons lair

In 1983, Laserdisc games burst onto the scene and redefined the way we looked at gaming. Before then, we had dealt primarily with pixels. But with Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace four months later, you couldn’t really see the pixels; all you saw were vibrant, movie-quality cartoon characters that were far more detailed than our Saturday morning cartoons. The kids were actually gathering around the cabinets in big crowds and waiting hours to play.

4. The Oregon Trail – Gameloft

the oregon trail

When schools began using the Apple IIe in the 1980s, it seemed like all of them came with a game called The Oregon Trail preinstalled. The schools intended this game as edutainment because it taught us about the hard trek of the American pioneer. But The Oregon Trail captured our imagination in other ways: it taught us the gaming joys of resource management. In fact, many of the best-loved features established in this game are still present in modern strategy games like the ever-popular Civilization.

3. Commodore 64 (emulator) – Manomio LLC

commodore 64

In many ways, the Commodore 64 is responsible for video games as we know them today; it really set the shape of things to come. And although the graphics are woefully inferior compared to today’s offering, the core gaming experience is often still quite good. What’s most amazing about the Commodore 64 for iPhone by Manomio is how authentic they’ve been able to recreate that classic experience. They even give you a handful of games free, and then you can purchase additional games and game packs as you see fit.

2. Secret of Monkey Island II: LeChuck’s Revenge – Lucasarts


Back in the day, Lucasarts was known for adventure gaming as much as they were known for their movies and special effects. Their greatest achievements in the point-and-click adventure genre were a series of games set on Monkey Island. Monkey Island II, in particular, offered some of the greatest puzzles and challenges we’d ever seen in a video game, and we often see developers recreate them today. Lucasarts has also added a nice touch to the iPhone version by providing all-new hand-drawn artwork that really reenergizes the experience.

1. Doom Classic – id Software


Although Wolfenstein is technically the first first-person shooter, the original Doom is the game that really captured the imagination of gamers and gave rise to this new genre. What Doom did better than Wolfenstein was atmosphere, and in the end this is what made it so much more successful. The most surprising aspect of Doom Classic for iPhone is how well they have recreated that horror atmosphere. Play Doom Classic in a dark room. You might be surprised at how well this game can still make you jump.

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