Why has Apple reduced the cost of the iPhone 4S?

Why has Apple reduced the cost of the iPhone 4S?

Why has Apple reduced the cost of the iPhone 4S?

iPhone 5In the recent few weeks Apple has begun reducing the price of it’s flagship 4S model all over the World. This is great for anyone who is about to buy one, but begs the question, Why?
The 4S is the newest version of the iPhone and was a bit of a let down when announced late last year as most folk were hoping for a major model release rather than just a minor update. Many iFans were left wondering if the 4S was simply a fix for the issue-prone iPhone 4 which was perhaps rushed through production in response to the Android OS threat.

If this has any aspect of truth, that means the iPhone release cycle is actually behind schedule as we would have expected another release by now. But with three models in production at the moment (the 3GS, 4 and 4S), and with multiple variations of these including different memory sizes and the recently released White iPhone 4 – it seems unlikely that a new version is about to be released.

I currently own the iPhone 4, and will delay any upgrade until the 5 is finally released (unless there is nothing major in the 5, in which case, Android here I come…).

What we do know is that Apple will be announcing a new iPad in the next few weeks. Dubbed the iPad 3, this is another favourite for a full cycle release i.e., we’re not expecting the iPad 2S (does the S stand for Siri?). No, we’re expecting a major release with better processing power, better display and who knows what else. But what of teh iPhone?

Just last week, UK provider three.co.uk announced they were reducing the price of their monthly 4S iPhone plans, and even more recently Radioshack have reduced the cost of their $S’s by $30 per handset. Could Apple be trying to clear some stock to make way for a new release? Or are sales just bad due to the increase in popularity of the Android market?

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