Will iPhone Deals get Sweeter?

Will iPhone Deals get Sweeter?

Will iPhone Deals get Sweeter?

We are now only hours away from Apple’s biggest event of the year and, although we know what to expect, the question remains if iPhone deals will get any better now there will be a range of iPhones to choose from.

With iPhone 5S features about to be announced by Tim Cook, retailers will already have decided how to price their iPhone deals to make the most of the massive demand that will be created on day 0. As with previous upgrade announcements, we can expect the older model iPhones to be reduced in price to clear stocks. Taking a 12 month contract, we would expect at least a free iPhone 4 and probably a free iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 deals will be sweetened with cheaper purchase costs, probably down to $99 and lower monthly fees than the iPhone 5S deals.

Then of course we have the iPhone 5C. Although we still don’t know exactly what features it will have, we can assume it is aimed at the lower age range of Apple consumers with its colourful plastic casing and non-scratch properties, which probably means it is optimised for photography, social media, and playing games. With this in mind, let’s also make the assumption that the iPhone 5C will lack features like the fingerprint scanner, Siri, retina display, camera improvements and upgraded chip. With all of these upgrades absent, it is likely that we will see some very cheap iPhone 5C deals.

Apple have been steadily losing market share to Samsung for some time now, so by introducing a lower end iPhone 5C that anyone can afford, it could easily increase its market share yet again, although we mustn’t forget that Samsung have a $99 version of their smartphone that is currently only available in Asia.

Here’s the down low on the Apple event later today:

iPhone 5S

    Available in three colours, slate, silver, and champagne

    Fingerprint scanner on home button replaces pin code unlock

    Upgraded camera

    Scratch proof bezel

    Upgraded chip


    Intelligent multitasking


    New design blah blah

    Better camera software

    New Camera Roll and Photo Stream with social features

    Etc – we already know about this

iPhone 5C

    Choice of colours

    Scratch proof

    Less features than iPhone 5S, probably comparable to iPhone 4

iPad Mini 2

    It’s about time

    Retina display

    Faster chip

    Better battery life

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