Wireless update now available

Wireless update now available

Wireless update now available

Maybe we missed the buzz, but earlier today one of our iPhones running iOS 5 received a fancy little notification saying an update was available. Tapping on the notification took us to the iPhone Settings area where we were directed to update the iPhone wirelessly to iOS 5.0.1.

Here’s how it went:

1. The iPhone checks for available updates and shows a summary of what is available.

iphone wireless update 1

2. Clicking on ‘learn more’ gives us a heap more information of what is included in the update and which iDevices are affected.


iphone wireless update 2


3. If you decide to go ahead an update, you have to first accept the T&C’s as you normally would if you were updating through iTunes.


4. Next, we were asked to plug in the iPhone during the update to save the battery. We didn’t. It still worked.

iphone wireless update 3


5. This update was small, at just 55mb, and took around 2 mins on our wifi to download. This is a new way of updating and one that is long overdue. This time Apple have only included the changed files in the update, making it much smaller. We haven’t done a ‘wired’ update to 5.0.1 yet over iTunes so we can’t say if that will still deliver the full iOS, or just the 55mb version.

6. After a quick restart, we were done!

iphone wireless update 4


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