How to claim a free iPhone

Want a free iPhone, but don’t want the expense of paying for it? Well you have come to the right place, because if you follow this guide you can have your very own iPhone, delivered directly to you from Apple – and it won’t cost you a thing!  No catches. No limited time offers. No risk.

Free iPhone Sign up here

Once you receive your free phone, use my jailbreaking and unlocking guides to make your iPhone SIM free for use on all networks, and be sure to subscribe to my blog, where you will find all of the latest iPhone news, iPhone deals and rumours.

If you haven’t jumped straight in, you are probably after a bit more information about how this all works. If this is what you are looking for, head over to the 3 steps page for more information.

Still here? Then you must be one of the “but you can’t get something for nothing…can you?” people!

Well I’m here to tell you  –  Yes you can!!

How Do I Get an iPhone for Free?

This whole reward system is based on what is known as affiliate, or reward-based, advertising. Companies such as LOVEFiLM, HSBC, Intuit, Sky, The AA and many others provide a commission in return for consumers such as you and I trying out their products.

We have all seen the offers from Sky that promise £50 gift vouchers for every friend you introduce – well this is exactly the same. Introduce enough friends, and in return you can have an iPhone. If you don’t introduce enough friends for an iPhone, you can choose something else of a lower value! As long as you refer a minimum of 3 others you can choose anything you like for free. Every person you introduce is worth £20 to you and the best bit is, unlike the offers from Sky to refer a friend – the people you refer do not have to join the partner companies if they choose not to become customers after completing their no-obligation free trials! …more info on how this works.

3 steps free iPhone

What Do I Need to do for a Free iPhone?

It’s very simple, but there are a couple of steps you need to fulfil before you receive your free iPhone.

First, you need to sign up at our partner website, freebiejeebies. Once you have a free account set up you’ll be asked to complete one of their offers, there are loads to choose from including taking a free trial with the movie streaming service LoveFilm, applying for a credit card, taking out insurance with Marks and Spencer, having a £5 bet with BetFred, and numerous other offers. There is something for everyone.

Once you have completed your offer, you then need to refer a few friends to do the same thing. Every person you refer is worth about £20 to you. If you like, you can cash out at any time….but why stop there when you could soon have enough for an iPhone?!

Will my Free iPhone be Tied to an Expensive Contract?

No, your iPhone will be unlocked and will be sent directly from the Apple Store in your Country. You can use it with any phone contract or PAYG (pre paid) SIM card you like. Alternatively you can give it away as a gift, sell it, or anything you like.

Can You Recommend a Good Contract for my Free iPhone?

Here at we are now very excited to be able to offer you the very best iPhone deals available on the internet today. Every day we ensure we are offering you the best value iPhone deals, contracts and SIM only deals so you only ever need to check in one place. See our iPhone deals page.

Can You Show Me How to Get a Free iPhone?

Some people, like me, prefer to visualise how things work so we have included this short animation of the whole process for you.