How it works

So how exactly can anyone get free stuff online?

The answer is simple – this whole system relies on a very clever use of affiliate marketing.

First you need to understand that actually, the iPhone is not free. Of course it isn’t, because nobody gives away expensive gadgets without expecting something in return. But you, as the freebie hunting machine that you will become, will never need to pay a penny…

Using exactly the same business method as cashback sites such as Quidco;  freeiphones4me and freebiejeebies work very closely with large and respected companies, referring new potential customers everyday, and collecting the cashback they offer in return to purchase and send you a free iPhone.

When you sign up, you will be prompted to complete one of the advertisers’ offers. There are many to choose from, incuding a number of free trials (there’s a rather large hint in that last sentance!! To ensure you never pay even a penny for your iPhone make sure you select a free trial as your offer). Once you have completed an offer, you must then refer a number of others to do the same.

The companies involved pay approx £25 cashback for every person that you introduce who tries out their product. What makes this so good is that, due to the high value companies place on gaining exposure to potential new customers, cashback amounts are high – meaning you only need to refer a relatively small number of people before you get your free iPhone.

Advertising in this way, even with the large cashback/commission amounts companies pay, is far cheaper and more productive than running an untargetted TV or Radio advertising campaign which can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds, so more and more companies are getting involved.

A selection of the companies we deal with includes LOVEFiLM, Sky Digital, HSBC, Intuit, Coral, Alliance & Leicester, Ladbrooks,, and the AA.

An Example

You sign up for a free iPhone 5, worth £350.

In order to be eligible to receive the iPhone, you need to refer 16 people.

Each of the 16 people must complete one company’s offer (many are free of charge e.g. free trials of DVD rentals).

The company pays £25 for each person referred.

The total commission is £425 (17 x £25 – this includes you!), which is used to purchase and send you the iPhone. The remaining £75 is used for running costs and profit. So you see, no-one is giving away the iPhone, but you get it for free and all parties benefit.

Here is the same example in a different format:

£0.00 (nothing!!)
A free iPhone and some free DVD rentals
Freebie Site
17 Commissions from the advertisers totaling £425.00 – a profit of £75.00
Advertisers (LoveFilm)
£425.00 – far less than an advertising campaign
17 potential new customers who will each refer up to 17 more potential customers